Host Darren Gruner is a design professional and landscape pro with over 30 years’ experience, known equally for his award-winning firm TotalScape Design and as host of Turf’s Up Radio.

Darren’s keen eye for design and innovative ideas have not only won his companies many multi-million dollar projects but have also resulted in centerfold spreads in several major outdoor living publications.

I’ve been doing landscaping since I was 11. I loved it then, and 30 years later I still love it each and everyday!

Turf’s Up Radio is the perfect platform to share the latest industry trends and best practices with other outdoor professionals, as well as those extreme DIYers!

Darren (far right) with Turf’s Up fans.

Most listeners and guests are industry pros eager to learn about the

  • latest products and tools,
  • current lawn and plant treatment programs,
  • industry news,
  • consumer alerts & marketing tips, and
  • companies and events to follow.

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