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Power Pack Promo

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15 Second Promo

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60 Second Promo

$600 /Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

The only Radio platform dedicated to covering the Green Industry, bringing its listeners up to date with the latest news, products, services and technology. Turf’s Up Radio is a line up of unique shows, series and podcasts as well as Pro Talk, Pro Tips and Pro Interviews with industry leaders and Like-Minded Professionals. Each show keeps their listeners engaged and entertained, all while learning how to be better in a business that they already love.

Our targeted audience are people or companies who provide all types of products or services for residential, commercial or industrial properties within the Green Industry.

Our advertisers are people or companies who provide a service or product to other people or companies who provide a service or product to the end user.

Turf's Up Radio's listeners are a targeted audience packed with business professionals who are looking to improve the way they do business and are seeking new and innovative ways to stay ahead of their competition. They are eager to find good sound advice and need to hear from you and what you have to offer. Turf's Up Radio's platform provides a voice for your company that can reach your targeted audience faster and more effectively than other media. Turf's Up Radio can even reach more of your customers for far less than it would cost to hire and entire sales team. Best of all, it’s on a platform that is one of kind and is heard nationwide multiple ways and your affiliation with Turf's Up Radio alone will get you in through more doors than your competition.

Absolutely! We are dedicated to help you succeed. When you select the Promo Pack Advertising option. We will get hard to work to start production of your new weekly series which will be unique to your company. Each show will will highlight your products or services. You will have the option to be on the air with us or simply update our team with new content for each show. Call us today for more details.

Because of our platform, it's important that we limit our advertisers to companies who do business or deliver information, services or technology within the Green Industry.

We make it simple. Starting at just $5/Day you can establish a great radio presence with a daily rolling promo. See chart above. Be sure to toggle between Annual and Monthly rates at the top of the page to find the best advertising values.

First try our monthly promo package. You will still receive the same air time as our annual plan, but can cancel at anytime.

Monthly payments are collected in advance by check or Auto-Debit. Annual payments are collected by check at the time of contract.

Writing and producing commercial to be aired on Turf's Up Radio is done at no cost to our advertisers. However, some talent may offer their services for a fee and shall be paid directly to them.

We can produce your commercial or we will gladly accept your pre-produced commercial.

Available only in our Annual promo plans. We can produce your video or we will gladly accept your produced video to be aired on our Live stream as people tune in on the computer or mobile device.

We recommend utilizing all three promo plans for a minimum of four weeks prior to any event or major sale. We then recommend that you have us cover the event live. Be sure to talk to us about our exciting On-Location Coverage Plan and how it works.

Turf’s Up Radio can be heard on multiple platforms. Whether you prefer to listen live, online or on-demand, we’ve got you covered. Turf’s Up Radio 24/7 stream Download the Turf’s Up Radio App on your mobile device to hear back to back episodes of show series which offer a unique twist on what’s new and exciting in the industry. You’ll gain knowledge from your peers and learn to be better in business. Turf’s Up Radio Podcast Download the Turf’s Up Radio Podcast by visiting the Apple Store, Google Play or iHeart Radio to hear individual show series, contractor spotlights, Green Industry News and much more. TurfsUpRadio Website Visit TurfsUpRadio.Com to first read highlights of all the shows, interviews and spotlights previously aired on live shows. You can also listen to each episode as you enjoy all of the latest content the website has to offer. Turf’s Up Radio “Weekend Review” 1230 am The Zone Tune in to this live event every Saturday Morning at 6 AM on 1230 am The Zone if you live in the South Florida Area or tune in using your iHeart Radio app. You will hear Darren Gruner and Michael Bright discuss the latest news and events in the Green Industry as they review what’s happened throughout the previous week.

Unlike miscellaneous music mix radio stations, Turf's Up Radio offers unique content in our programming line-up which means that you can be sure that the people you are targeting are actually listening. We are part of a large network of like-minded businesses who want to do business with other like-minded companies. Turf's Up Radio goes beyond just airing your companies content, your company becomes part of Turf's Up Radio, which you will be proud to share with your clients.

This depends on what you are selling and the offer you’re making. If you tell people to visit you for a free $20.00 bill, you can be certain that you'll have a traffic jam outside your business. Otherwise advertising is similar to pushing a car, it’s tough at first, but the more you push, the easier it gets. Soon enough you can move the car along with minimum effort.

Approachable is an understatement! We believe that communication is the key to success in any business. We will establish and maintain an open line of communication to stay informed and ensure that your message is being clearly translated. We will always consider ourselves to be part of your team and will work hard to become an asset to your company.

Yes. TURF’S UP RADIO WANTS TO INTERVIEW YOU If you are someone who provides a service for a residential, commercial or industrial property, or you are an established professional educator in the Green Industry, Turf’s Up Radio wants to interview YOU! Be a leader in your industry by educating your peers! Contact us anytime. We can interview you by phone or have you come to the iHeart Radio Station in Sunny West Palm Beach Florida where we will spotlight your personal or companies achievements or both. Best of all you will gain well earned notoriety without paying for any airtime. Contact us today for details and to schedule your interview. Be sure to share your favorite episodes with your peers. Remember that helping others to be better in what they do not only feels good, but it helps you to build confidence in what you do as well.

Contributors, Supporters and Guests

Darren Gruner

CEO - Turf's Up Radio | TotalScape Design

"Connecting like-minded people is rewarding in itself. But being able to link the entire Green Industry on one major platform like we're doing with Turf's Up Radio gives me the chills!"

Michael Bright

Partner / Contributor - Turf's Up Radio

Jeff Hesser

Regional Sales Manager at Cast Lighting / Turf's Up Radio - Partner / Contributor

(CIC) Certified Irrigation Contractor,Landscape Lighting Designer, Pond designer & installer Specialties: Teaching seminars to Landscape contractors. Design and specify materials for Landscape Lighting Projects.Irrigation Design.

Adam Linnemann

Founder of The Green Executive / Turf's Up Radio Major Contributor

"Partnering with Turfs Up Radio has been very rewarding, both personally and professionally. Darren’s passion to make Turfs Up Radio the absolute best shows in his enthusiasm and quality of work. I’m looking forward to our relationship for many years to come."

Tony Ricketts

CEO Lawnline Websites

"I've actually had the pleasure of sitting down with Darren in the studio to record shows. I made the decision to partner with Turf's Up Radio because of the dedication and passion from everyone involved for bringing real useful information to green industry professionals. Our overall goals and visions align very well and I look forward to a lasting partnership."

Kory Ballard

CEO and Founder of Ballard Equipment and Perficut Landscape Management

Andy Johnston

General Manager / Director of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club and President/Owner of Johnston Design and Agronomy

"Turf's Up radio is a refreshing innovative platform, allowing entertainment to align industry professionals, bring solutions forward to improve world-wide agronomic and have a impact on environmental sustainability."

Tim Moraghan


"Enjoyed Darren and he made the whole time fun and enjoyable for me."

Brian Slater

Slater Lighting

"Turf's Up Radio was the perfect exposure for my business. We were able to hit our target demographic and Darren is a pro at keeping the show both fun and informative. I highly recommend this to other business owners!"

Seth Belazeros

PYA Insurance

"Being on the show was a great experience and Darren made it very easy for me to discuss different topics about my industry."

Steve Rogers

Eco Express, LLC

"It was a great being a guest on Turf's Up Radio. Darren was a great host and I felt everything was very professional and ran very smoothly."

Warren Gorrowitz

Vice President of Sustainability - Ewing Irrigation

Brook Ford

Orion Design

Michelle Meuller

Principle - Garden Light LED

Richard Racey

National Sales Manager - Infiniux Lighting

Todd Pretz

VP Operations - Jonathan Green

Nels Peterson

Nordic Lighting

Russ Britton

CEO - Mirimichi Green

Matt Swanson

Swanson Golf Design

Greg Reitman

Blue water Entertainmant

Faith Washington

Business Coach

Shannon Easter

Director of Golf Maintenance - Broken Sound

Cindy Code

Executive Director - Project EverGreen

Ki Matsko

Program Manager, GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops

Alan White

Turf Systems

Michael Maravich


Owen Towne

Cool Planet

Rob Glucksman

President - Witgang Far East LTD

Boyd Martin

American Equestrian

Lillian Heard

American Equestrian Rider

Jeff Klein LLA, ASLA, CPSI

Park Development Manager, City of Detroit