Did you know that you will attract more clients and gain more credibility by sharing your stories, tips and achievements on the radio? Up until now, there’s has been no way for Green Industry leaders to be heard on the radio without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. But thanks to the podcast era, none of us has to spend a dime to be heard anymore. However, Podcasting on its own doesn’t ensure that your voice would be heard by the right audience. How would you know who is listening if you simply placed your Podcast on the internet? That’s why Turf’s Up Radio was created. We took care of that problem and fixed it permanently.

Turf’s Up Radio has developed the only radio platform of its kind dedicated the Green Industry. We not only bring our listeners all of the latest news, products, services and technology, we allow our industry professionals a platform to upload their podcast so that they could be heard by their intended audience and to show their leadership and skills to their potential clients.

Get noticed today! Fill out this form and tell us about your company. Then find out how to upload your podcast!