Welcome to another Turf’s Up Radio Exclusive Presentation of



Jeff Stahman of Turfmend

Be sure to listen to this week’s featured guest. You’ll hear another solution to a problem we have all come across in the Lawn Care business. Learn how simply it could be to repair accidental lawn scalping or divots from a seasoned pro.

TurfMend has the ability to help you repair any bare spot, whether its a divot on a golf course, worn out spot on a sports field or a dog spot in your back yard.

TurfMend was developed by two former Golf Course Superintendents taking the guess work out of having a perfect lawn, sports field or tee box.

It helps reduce labor in a commercial setting and allows a homeowner to buy one product to repair those pesky bare spots in their lawn. TurfMend truly allows anyone to Repair Bare Spots in a Hurry!

To find out more about Jeff and and how to get started with his services, visit TurfMend.Com