Great display of innovative equipment at the GIE+EXPO!

Listen as Jeff Hesser (Cast Lighting/Contributor of Turf’s Up Radio) and Darren Gruner (Host/Turf’s Up Radio Weekend Review) take a stroll through the 5 Acres of the GIE+EXPO. Hear their surprising encounter with Julia Roberts (GeoRipper)

Mission statement

To Create: Quality, reliable products.

To Provide: Superior service and education excellence.

To Innovate: Revolutionizing an industry still relying on manual labor.

Stuck in the dirt.

The industry of installing product into the ground still requires hand-trenching traditionally executed by hand using picks, axes and shovels. Labor costs rise. Workers Compensation  claims increase. The contractor continues digging the same way, not aware there is a better solution.

GeoRipper by MiniTrencher addresses the problem of digging trenches by hand.

The end result? The trench is dug in a fraction of time and is no longer the biggest part of the job. The equipment rapidly pays for itself allowing the contractor to realize more profits quicker. Mini-trencher takes the work out of trenching.

The equipment must be reliable.

GeoRipper uses two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are specifically designed to work in hostile environments. GeoRipper mini-trenchers are designed to minimize downtown.


To be the world’s powered hand trencher.