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Michele Mueller – Owner Garden Light LED

Host Darren Gruner sits down to talk with Michele Mueller (left) and Michael Bright (middle) at the 2017 Garden Light LED Dealer Congress

Michelle Charles – Mueller  Biography Chief Strategist of Garden Light LED

Michelle shares her inspiring story about how Garden Light LED got started and why she is so motivated to grow. She attributes her success and her drive to be the leader in LED lighting to the support and loyalty she has experienced from her employees and clients, who she sincerely accepts as part of her family.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Michelle is married and together they have four children. Michelle has a 22 – year track record for driving revenue and profit growth through innovative marketing, sales, and branding strategies. Her specialties include Team building and leading groups to desired organizational goals. Consistently throughout her career, she has proven to design and implement profit-generating business models.

Co-founder of a US-based internationally renowned LED landscape lighting manufacturing company for over 21 years. Garden Light LED is a Tampa-based designer, engineer, and manufacturer of high-quality architectural and outdoor LED lighting. The company has transitioned from a reseller to an enterprise – that combines industrial and digital; design and next generation LED technology.  The company’s next strategic direction includes a Master Dealer Platform that features co/branded websites, dealer portals, online ordering, CRM and ServTekPro offering a total operating and reporting system for its partners, Garden Light LED refers to as their Master Dealers.

To learn more about Michele Meuller and Garden Light LED visit their website www.gardenlightled.com