Darren Gruner, CEO Turf’s Up Radio (Left) Olivier Braun, Vice President Tweel Business Unit (Right)

Listen as Darren finds out from Olivier Brauen, Vice President Tweel Business Unit Greenville, South Carolina Area, the amazing real cost benefits of the new technology and the the future of tires for lawn and garden equipment, golf carts and more. Hear why Michelin feels it’s important to partner with other companies in the industry.

Learn more about Olivier and join him on Linkedin. 

Olivier, has 25+ years of experience in leading business expansion, demanding excellence, and incentivizing performance in a global environment. As a results-driven, competent, and solutions-oriented professional who possesses a winning blend of team leadership, international operations, and business acumen, he strives to generate great results in everything he does.

With a large experience working in the Automotive Industry for the Michelin Group in different executive roles in three continents, I have consistently provided substantial growth and increased market share, led global strategies and developed diverse business initiatives for operations in Europe, South-East Asia, China and US.

I am skilled at providing effective solutions to address company’s business and operational challenges making sound decisions within fast-paced, high-pressure environments. I am also efficient at developing and implementing new product introduction strategies with a solid record in raising sales volumes as a result.

My passion for mobility solutions, my strategic planning and people skills and assertive communication have helped me achieve results within the automotive industry. As a leader, I like to keep my teams engaged, achieve targets on time, develop new process improvements and make things happen.

My background includes a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale (EPFL), as well as a Master Degree in Business Administration from the IMD Business School.