Host Darren Gruner sits down to talk with Richard Racey (left) and Michael Bright (middle) at the 2017 Garden Light LED Dealer Congress

Richard Racey – Featured Speaker at Garden Light LED

Richard shared with us his amazing background in the lighting industry. He shared how he met Michele Mueller (Principal of Garden Light LED) and why she was so determined to have him as a featured speaker at the Dealer Congress. We were also able to get a sneak peak of his unique and very affect teaching techniques which later all attendees were fortunate enough to witness.

Richard Racey brings more than thirty years’ expertise including LED product specifications, working with independent professional commercial lighting industry sales agencies; professional lighting specifiers; corporate clients; lighting and electrical distributors.  He has been an IES member for 15+ years; previously sat on the International Parking Institute Technology Committee; is Lighting Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions, and computer literate on more than a dozen operating programs, relevant to the lighting industry, including LED segments.

For the last 6 years, he has worked as Sales Management for LED Lighting Fixture Manufacturers. Prior to that role, he spent 15 years in specification sales with lighting sales agencies in Florida and Ohio.  Previously, he has twelve years with major electrical supply companies in southeast Florida and had served in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Richard Racey has expertise in Outdoor Pedestrian Scale and Roadway lighting design, Parking Lot, and Parking Structure Design, as well as All levels of Interior Lighting, from Hospital, Education, Residential, and Commercial Building.

Richard Racey may be reached at  Telephone:  (216) 313-0422.  E-mail: [email protected]