This week we are talking turf and carbon filters for the soil with Shannon Easter, Director of Golf Maintenance at Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Shannon is adamant on good cultural practices for his golf course, which include adding Mirimichi Green products, like CarbonizPN. He elaborates on the struggle and cost to get germination prior to MG products. 

By adding CarbonizPN, you increase your germination conservatively by 10% but realistically by 20%. Being cautious of soil inputs and soil temperature are extremely important when thinking about sustainability.

Broken Sound Club hasn’t treated their old lakes, even in summer with shallow water, but still have zero algae. Shannon used to treat nematodes every year on his green and golf course, and for the past 3 years he has hasn’t made one single application. With no chemicals having to be sprayed to kill algae there is less disease pressure.

Tips on being mindful of what you are trying to grow. For example: Perennial ryegrass has increased rapidly during the past several decades but ryegrass doesn’t like a lot of nitrogen. What do we feed it? We have to think carbon and put it back in soil. Carbon makes plants healthy, turf healthy, creating less weeds and less herbicides we use.

Great grass tips from Michael Bright, with Traffic on the Turf, and a look at the pH meter, product of the day. Shannon also gives us the scoop on the Senior PGA tour.

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