Greg Reitman, Founder and Film Director at Blue Water Entertainment, speaks on his new social impact film “Rooted in Peace” and understanding the interconnectedness between ourselves and the inner world. Greg’s philosophy, and collected takeaway, is making peace with nature and being resilient in your efforts at being one with nature.

This informative, Turf’s Up Radio, podcast will break down the impact people have on the environment and the consequences of our actions. “Business is understanding that the real capital is the environment. If we continue to take and take, there will eventually be nothing left,” says Greg. Be an advocate for becoming one with the world and preserving our natural resources, which are being depleted at an incredible rate. Learn how to raise awareness and create conversations around why the environment is truly important. Watch “Rooted in Peace”, already released in over 100 theaters.

Another hot topic is how environmental issues are changing our viewpoint on managing landscapes and the environment. Mirimichi Green’s goal is to become the world’s leader of new generation growth and environmental management products. Thanks to Greg, and Mirimichi Green, we are inspiring others to improve their own lives, and society as a whole through sustainability.

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