Brian Slater with Slater Lighting

Brian Slater, Owner of Slater Lighting, based out of Boca Raton, speaks with Turf’s Up Radio on the environmental benefits of LED lighting and the impact that LED is bringing to the lighting industry. Slater Lighting specializes as a lighting wholesaler, catering to all of South Florida, and offers professional lighting consultations and post-sale services.

Brian educates listeners on the direction of the lighting industry and how LED’s are leading the way for the future. LED’s offer huge benefits over traditional lighting sources. LED’s save energy, create a smaller environmental footprint, and are quickly replacing Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL). LED’s are ten times more energy efficient, two-three times more efficient than CFL, and environmentally friendly.

In this week’s podcast, learn how lighting impacts the environment and how to to properly dispose of old lighting equipment, especially CFL. Brian informs landscape professionals and homeowners on Dauer landscape lights and their silhouette collection with custom cutouts that create ambiance for your landscape at night.

Traffic on the Turf has a new, environmentally conscious product. Mirimichi Green’s National Sales Director, Michael Bright, discusses their non-selective herbicide, Mirimichi Green Weed and Grass Control, which has now been approved coast to coast. This natural herbicide is a game changer because it’s safe to use on fabrics, around the house, and even around pets and children.

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