Do you know the golden rule when growing your business? Russ Britton, founder of Mirimichi Green, has the answer! This week on Turf’s Up Radio, learn different ways to appeal to new customers in the landscaping industry, from contractors to landowners. This podcast will give you the right questions to ask and attract customers that are qualified.

We have business tips on staying focused and relevant insight if you are just starting your business. Ensure you are headed in the right direction by knowing your business mission, what your overhead is, and what services your company plans to offer to consumers. Be upfront, honest, and don’t worry about customers that say no.

Russ shares the details in a Q&A about their latest product launch, an 100% organic pest control and the first organic pest control to pass the World Health Organization’s efficacy test with an 80% kill rate. Mirimichi Green’s Organic Pest Control will come in 4 different formulas, (growers blend, repellant blend, irrigation blend, and standard blend), and are all Fifra 25b exempt. They can be used all around gardens, and even in your house around your children and pets.

Control mosquitoes and gnats in all of your outdoor adventures from parks and recreation to camping. Stay tuned for late fall release of Mirimichi Green’s Organic Pest Control and availability. If you would like more information on Mirimichi Green eco-friendly products, visit