We are talking about hydroseeding! This week on Turf’s Up Radio, Steve Rodgers, our guest speaker and Chief Operational Officer, with Eco Express LLC will give the scoop on erosion control. Eco Express, headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, helps their customers better meet regulatory requirements during all phases of their project. Eco Express is an environmental service company, which has been serving the private and public sectors since 2003.

Does your company face some of the same erosion control challenges that Steve does in the industry? Learn how to combat issues related to hydroseeding, what tips you can take to make safety your number one priority, and how to take a proper soil test and assess your depleted nutrients.

“There’s a need for better soil amendments”, says Steve. Eco Express is big user and advocate of Mirimichi Green products after their test trial a few years ago where they used Mirimichi Green products and saw significant germination after only 3 days. Now, for every acre Eco Express works on, they add 200 lbs of CarbonizPN and a gallon of Nutri Release.

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