This week we are on the road with Russ Britton, owner and CEO of Mirimichi Green. Listen to Russ talk about different environments related to Mirimichi Green products working in different conditions. The successes are expanding anywhere from Bali to Hong Kong with a faster grow in, lesser influencer, and runoff reduction with their sustainable products.

Michael Bright is holding down Traffic on the Turf in Florida this week, talking about pre-drought conditions from South Florida to Oklahoma City. An important thing to think about is proper preparation of the your soil and building those organics. One of the things organics will do is tie directly into weather patterns, making your turf more drought tolerant and not cause erosion problems.

By treating with Mirimichi Green’s CarbonizPN back in the Fall, you wouldn’t be seeing the areas of and questioning if your turf going to make it out of dormancy. Getting good organics in your soil can eliminate any spiraling issues.

Don’t forget, it’s that time of year for pre-emergent. Making sure you put a good plan in place and put out the right pre-emergent to build your barrier for an ongoing process in building a beautiful landscape for your customers.

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