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First Amendment Soil Awful Company, Terrible product, total lack of service Denver Maine, Colorado.I bought a very large amount of potting soil from first amendment. With in several days of transplanting over 100 very healthy plants were almost dead. I thought I had tobacco mosiac virus, root aphids or russet mites it was so bad. I have never seen plants get locked out like this. I tested some unused left over soil for the run off ppm. I was shocked to find the ppm of the unused first amendment soil was over 7000ppm. (this test was done with ro water) Some pots were so high my ppm meter couldn’t even register the reading.  The PH was around or under 5. nothing can possibly grow in this soil.

When I reached out to mike, the owner of the company he initially seemed helpful but when I started to imply to problem was the fault of his company and the soil was not properly mixed (which seemed pretty obvious based on the ppm and ph of the unused soil) and that at least a partial refund would be fair he got defensive and began to ignore my calls and emails. I spent weeks flushing thousands of gallons of water and trying to save my plants. Ended up with a heavily diminished harvest. about half of what I would normally pull from the space. I ended up having to put 30-40 gallons through every 10 gallon pot then top feed dolomitic lime to get the ppm to where it should be. It was an enormous human effort that I had to hire helpers for which cost even more money.

I have mixed my own soil for years and thought this would be easier. It ended up costing me about 20k in lost product plua more in time and helpers need to try to fix the situation. Do not buy first amendment soil if you rely on your plants to make a living. I dont think every batch of soil they mix is quite this bad, I just got very unlucky and someone clearly added to much of everything/plus maybe a bad batch of peat or something (to give mike the benefit of the doubt). Mix your own soil, i found out the hard way buying premixed super soil is no way to save time or money. Maybe this product is fine for hobbiest gardeners and beginers (if you don’t get a toxic batch) but avoid if you are a serious grower who needs consistent results. I don’t trust the company to mix their soil in any consistent way based on my experience. You could very easily end up with a bad batch.

11/5/16 – Consumer Alert