J.M.L. Landscape Development JML Landscape Deposit taken for landscaping project – demands additional money then abandons project New Albany, Ohio.

This was a pretty horrible experience. We gave Jeremy our 50% deposit in March. He had several business setbacks which kept delaying the project start until the start of August. My wife and I decided to stick with him and give him a chance – it was a mistake.

His crew started work on August 7 by digging up our existing patio. On the day they were to set posts, on August 10, he finds out that the lumber needs to be pre-ordered and there is an 8 week wait. It was my impression that the project deposit was to be used to order such things, but my guess is he just took his profits up front. He just left our patio as it was and disappeared for 8 weeks.
When the posts finally arrived they were rushing to get the work done – making decisions without consulting with us as they went. In fact, Jeremy was hardly ever there and it was clear his crew was never briefed on what the details of the project were. We finally hear from Jeremy on October 3 – only to be told he needs another payment for “changes”. We really had no changes, but I wanted the project done so I offered him half of what he was demanding with the balance to be paid with the project completion. He had his crew stop work and leave the site as it was. It was a complete disaster.
I ended up hiring a different contractor to finish the project. The summer was completely lost, as well as our deposit.
If you do decide to hire him for some crazy reason, do not give him money upfront. You will regret it.

11/12/16 – Consumer Alert