I cannot recommend this company. I ordered plants that were to ship at the end of October and were to be 4-5′ tall upon arrival. Their website has a page dedicated to photos and descriptions of how the items will be packaged for safe shipping and how they will look upon arrival. I felt confident that I would receive a semblance of what I ordered and at the promised arrival time. About 1 month after my order was placed (received an email reciept of charges – but no order confirmation) and a few weeks after the end of October had come and gone, I left voicemails for the company. No reply. I finally emailed the company inquiring about my order (November 21) and said I had not received a call back, nor received my order, weeks after the promised date. I received an email reply with no acknowledgement of my concerns, stating the order should ship soon. I received the order November 27 (about a month after promised delivery date).