It affects the construction industry because it can delay building when raining, it can make supplies moldy, such as drywall, or wood, it also can make concrete delivery’s delayed because of humidity or wetness.

How has global warming and weather changes affected the horticulture industry in the US the past four years?

1. It has/will help in the manner of crop production. warmer more  temperate climates open up the possibility of enlarging crops yield  and production in some areas. Conversely, In the North Atlantic, it  is going to be devastating. As the polar Ice caps melt, the cooler  temperature of the water, this can cool the Gulf Stream front that  usually warms some northern areas, thereby initiating the onset of  a harsher winter climate. This would greatly diminish crop  production and yield causing mass famines across Europe.   2. Bad in the way that most diseases need a certain temperature  Fahrenheit to begin to grow. when global temperatures meet these  requirements, especially in the more humid areas of the globe, then  we can expect a higher amount of these diseases to be around and  grow more proficiently.