Inaugural sustainability award to Broken Sound for doing great work towards sustainability Mirimichi Green award. From right to left; Michael Bright NSD Mirimichi Green, Russ Britton CEO Mirimichi Green, Shannon Easter Maintenance Director and Environmental Consultant at Broken Sound, John Crean GM of Broken Sound Country Club, Susan Haynie Boca Raton’s Mayor.
If anyone knows about educating stubborn clients, it has got to be Russ Britton of Mirimichi Green. The obstacles of which he faces on a daily basis trying to help educate the world about sustainability and organics would be enough for the common entrepreneur to easily throw in the towel. But not Russ. His true passion about his products shines through even more thoroughly after he is confronted with the most stubborn client of all. His persistence is paying off. Thanks to Russ, Mirimichi Green’s sustainable products are being recognized not only in the U.S. by major sports fields, Golf courses, Polo clubs and commercial applications, but their products are highly sought after all over the world. His efforts are truly admirable and respected by professionals everywhere.

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