Happy couple renovating home

When building or renovating a home, homeowners are faced with unique risks. During the construction process, homes and homeowners are more susceptible to losses ranging from fire and theft to vandalism and injury to a third party. However, with proactive planning, you can minimize your risk and enhance the likelihood of a safe and successful project so you can enjoy the comforts of your new or renovated home.

  1. Builder’s Risk Policy: Additionally insured
  2. Liability: 
  3. Opportunities to save: With your home under construction, it may be the time to upgrade your alarm, plumbing, or electrical systems, or install loss prevention devices such as a whole house leak detection and water shut-off system. Upgrading can earn premium discounts on your policy.

During Construction

  • Create worker and occupant ground rules.
  • Allow your contractor to handle negotiations with the workers and sub-contractors.
  • Let every person near or in the house know they must heed safety practices.
  • Post emergency numbers.
  • Keep portable fire extinguishers easily accessible.
  • Require workers to clean up debris daily.
  • Turn off water and gas supply lines if not needed, but never disconnect fire or security alarms.
  • Consider motion-activated lighting, fencing, gates across driveways, and security guards to help protect an unoccupied house.
  • Use a locked garage or room to store tools and materials.

After Construction

  • Let the homeowner insurance company know the project is nearing completion.
  • Ensure that your builder and sub-contractors all carry adequate liability coverage in the event of an accident while on your property, and ensure that your home policy has been bound and issued.
  • You may also want to increase your liability coverage if improvements included, for instance, a swimming pool, tree house, or other structure that could be considered an ‘attractive nuisance’ and focal point for guests, children or trespassers.