On this week’s episode, Rob Glucksman, President and Founder of Witgang Far East, located in Hong Kong, talks about the sustainability movement in Southeast Asia and the current state of agriculture in Vietnam, Singapore, and China.  “There’s no stigma or fear around organics”, says Rob. Organic products have been a tradition in Asia for hundreds and hundreds of years, so there’s no knee-jerk reaction like what you typically experience in the United States. There is a tremendous demand for good quality organics across many verticals.

Learn more about Witgang Far East and their mission around helping small to medium sized American speciality manufacturers get sustainable products into Asia, while bringing solutions  to farmers and growers in China and Vietnam looking for organic options. By partnering with Mirimichi Green, Witgang will help to reduce fertilizer application rates and revolutionize plant growth by increasing carbon availability in organic material.

Listen to Turf’s Up Radio for more information on the movement to reduce the use of synthetic and chemical fertilizers in China and education on how multiple markets can look towards the same sustainable solutions.

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