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What is Turf’s Up Radio?

Turf’s up Radio is a fun weekly morning/news show approach towards home improvement, gardening and outdoor living.  It’s the only radio show of its kind and is heard nationwide on iHeart media and local stations throughout the country.

The host and crew keeps their listeners engaged and smiling every time they tune in. Their hard work and dedication during the week pays off every Saturday morning and its shows. They keep you up to date on the latest innovative and efficient products and tools used in and around the home. The information the crew gathers each week packs the hour with segments such as current lawn and plant treatment programs, important news, consumer alerts, garden craft ideas, companies to follow and events to attend that all homeowners should know before moving forward with any new project around the house.

All and all Turf’s up radio is a program that no homeowner, landscaper, lawn lover or contractor should miss. The content is real, its exciting and informative. Its delivered in such a fun way that everyone can enjoy.  Turf’s Up Radio is easily accessed on local radio, but is heard nationwide on the iHeart app on any computer or mobile device. Come hear what all the fuss is about. Tune in Saturday mornings at 9AM on 1230AM WBZT on iHeart Media.